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Starboard Aeronautical leads the industry in experience in manufacturing aircraft windows. We specialize in bubble windows for helicopters for applications such as search and rescue (SAR), firefighting, logging and construction. We also manufacture windows with horizontal and vertical sliders for applications such as photography, medivac, tourism, or simply to provide ventilation. We manufacture these windows for helicopter operators throughout the world, including operators of:

  • Sikorsky S55, S58, S61, S64, S76, S92
  • Bell 204, 205, 212, 214, 412, 427, 430, 407
  • Airbus AS350, AS332, EC120, EC135, EC155
  • Vertol 107, Chinook 234
  • Black Hawk UH60

For manufacturing windows we use superior optical clarity cast acrylic formulated to meet 3 Military Specifications:

  • MIL-PRF-5425 a heat-resistant, preshrunk cast acrylic. Available colourless as well as in variety of transparent colors. Also available in UV-Solar Control.
  • MIL-PRF-8184 a highly crosslinked, preshrunk cast acrylic that is specifically designed to provide superior craze and solvent resistance. Also available in transparent colors and in UV-Solar Control.
  • MIL-PRF-25690 a stretched acrylic that offers enhanced craze and crack resistance. Also available in transparent colors and in UV-Solar Control.

Thermoplastic Components

We manufacture a wide variety of thermoplastic components including:

  • interior panels
  • gauge housing
  • landing light lens covers
  • drain scuppers
  • instrument panel bezels
  • annunciator panel lenses
  • sun visors
  • window shades
  • window surrounds
  • seat components
  • arm rests
  • clear acrylic foot rests
  • stowage bins
  • cargo area liners
  • drawer liners
  • protective floor panels
  • air conditioning ducts

We use a range of clear and opaque FST thermoplastic materials (PC and PVC/PMMA alloys) for interior components: fire rated, low toxic smoke, low heat release.

  • Vertical Burn: FAR 25.853(a)(i)(ii)
  • OSU Rate of Heat Release: FAR 25.853(d), Part IV
  • NBS Smoke Density Generated: FAR 25.853(d), Part V
  • Airbus Toxic Smoke Generation: ABD0031
  • Boeing Toxic Smoke Generation: BSS7239

Annunciator Legends

Starboard Aeronautical, Inc currently manufactures annunciator panel legends. The table below showcases annunciator panel legends for various aircraft. Legends can be purchased individually or as a set.


Sikorsky S61N

Sikorsky S61A Call for Info – 778-294-0462
Sikorsky S64E Call for Info – 778-294-0462
Sikorsky S64F Call for Info – 778-294-0462

Bell 212 – 209-075-325-13


Bell 212 – 209-075-325-27


Bell 212 – 209-075-325-33

Bell 212 – 209-075-325-39 Download
Bell 212 – 209-075-325-45 Download
Bell 212 – 209-075-325-47 Download
Bell 212 – 209-075-325-51 Download
Bell 212 – 209-075-325-109 Download
Bell 212 – 209-075-325-161 Download
 Bell 212 Download